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Phu My 3 Special Industrial Park received the handing-over Phase 1 of the first centralized waste water treatment plant with the standard-A effluent in Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province

May 03, 2017, Thanh Binh Phu My JSC—Developer of Phu My 3 Specialized Industrial Park (Phu My 3 SIP)—and Kobelco Eco – Solutions Vietnam (KESV), a member of Japan’s Kobelco Group, held the handing-over ceremony of Phu My 3 SIP’s centralized waste water treatment plant – Phase 1 (WWTP). 

The capacity of WWTP’s first phase is 9,000 cubic meters per day-night and will be up to 45,000 cubic meters per day- night in total when the plant is finished. The plant applies comprehensive state-of-the-art technical mechanisms and processes, including screening, equalizing, aerobic and physicochemical treatment, sludge stability and final disinfection. The quality of treated effluent meets Class A of QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT regulated by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Besides treating, monitoring is also a subject that PM3 SIP very concerns to minimize any risk of environment. In addition, an automatic monitoring system is installed in accordance with current regulations to carefully monitor effluents and transmit the recorded data to Ba Ria – Vung Tau’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment for the purpose of wastewater management. 

Along with sustainable business growth, Phu My 3 SIP sees environment protection as one of its key missions in the strategy. With such orientation, Phu My 3 SIP chose KSEV, the leading company in solution for environment to design, operate, manage and maintain Phu My 3 SIP’s central waste water treatment plant. Being one of the two IP projects under the Cooperation and Development Agreement signed between former Vietnamese Prime Minister Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung and Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Yoshihiko Noda in November 2011, Phu My 3 SIP receives great support from both governments as well as Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province. To meet the expectation of both countries and bring the best qualities to customers, Phu My 3 SIP tries non-stop to become an SIP with international standard infrastructure. 

Mr. Katsuhide Motojima, General Director of Kobelco Eco Solutions Vietnam, highly appreciates the strategic vision and the professional approach of Phu My 3 SIP in treating effluent as well as constructing infrastructure and administrating IP tasks. “As the master plan was made by Nikken Sekkei and Nippon Koei—the professional international consulting agencies, Phu My 3 SIP strongly expresses the expectation to develop a specialized industrial park with comprehensive, modern infrastructure and utilities. Therefore, we are very proud to be the official partner of Phu My 3 SIP in the central waste water treatment plant project, one of the important sections in the SIP infrastructure,” he said. 

About Kobelco Eco Solutions Vietnam (KESV) 

KESV is specialized in providing general environmental solutions with 100% investment from Kobelco Eco-Solutions Japan, with more than 60 years of experience in water treatment. Realizing that the Vietnamese market has strong potential with high economic growth, KESV has been present in Vietnam since November, 2010 in order to accelerate its water and wastewater businesses and introduce environmental technologies, studied and applied in Japan, to Vietnam as well as other countries in Southeast Asia. After 6 years of establishment and development, KESV has been implementing several projects relating to waste water treatment in industrial parks as well as several other industries such as steel production, plating, paper and pulp, weaving and dying, food and beverage, pharmacies, etc., which meet strict discharging standards, contributing to improving living environment and sustainable industrial development. 

About Phu My 3 Specialized Industrial Park (Phu My 3 SIP) 

Phu My 3 SIP is developed by Thanh Binh Phu My JSC – 100% Vietnamese private investment. To date, the perfect combination of strategic geographic location, international-standard infrastructure, professional consultants and active support from Vietnamese & Japanese governments has become a powerful ‘magnet’ to draw investors to Phu My 3 SIP. 

With the total area of 999 ha, Phu My 3 SIP has synchronous world-class technical infrastructure and utilities designed and built by professional contractors from Japan with the aim of best serving investors. Infrastructure of Phu My 3 SIP meets the diversified demands of a wide range of industries, from light industries to heavy industries, multi-sector industries, seaports and logistics. In addition, the Service Area of Phu My 3 SIP provides a peaceful and comfortable living environment for specialists and workers in the industrial park, including villas, apartments, hotels, commercial centres, post offices and restaurants. Other services such as schools, integrated support centres, meeting rooms and conference rooms are also being developed to serve specialists and workers in the industrial park. 

Furthermore, Management Board of Phu My 3 SIP pays special attention to management services, assuring investors of the best conditions for stable operation of their business. Phu My 3 SIP provides comprehensive investment support services, offered in Japanese, English and Vietnamese, via a so-called one-stop service, which assists customers to deal with all affairs relating to investment procedures, legal issues, recruitment, logistics and on-site customs services. The role of Mr. Kazama Toshio – a Japanese expert with more than 20 years of experience in operating, managing and developing strategies for industrial parks in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam; and a senior advisor for representative agencies of Japanese government - as Managing Director demonstrates the firm commitment of Phu My 3 SIP for the quality of its management services. 

To date, Phu My 3 SIP has handed over 40 ha of land with complete technical infrastructure to Nitori Ba Ria - Vung Tau Co., Ltd. affiliated to Nitori Holdings of Japan and is processing land handover to other investors, including ZinC Oxide Corporation Vietnam JSC – a joint venture of ZinCox Resouces PLC (UK) and Korea Zinc (Korean). 

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